Our CaffeineMark tests also indicated that the V Smart Display delivers fast performance, though not quite as fast as its host machine’s. We found that battery life was around the same as a notebook’s: Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Now just tap and drag the screen to open apps and surf the Web, much as you would with a handheld or a tablet PC. Gadgets by Rick Broida 9 days ago. The ViewSonic Airpanel V resembles a typical, though tiny, flat-panel display.

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We consider any peripheral that requires a major operating system installation to operate for no apparent reason — remote control is neither difficult nor uncommon on many other systems without Microsoft’s restrictions — to be inherently flawed.

USB wireless adapter, stylus. ViewSonic has equipped the Airpanel V with both headphone and microphone ports. Pay extra for the dock.

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VAT stand — this provides a direct VGA link, as well as extra ports for mouse and keyboard, and also charges the unit. The full version of Terminal Server, the underlying technology behind the remote control, has special protection to stop multiple users from updating the registry or overwriting files in ways that interfere with each other, but Microsoft hasn’t seen fit to include that with this solution.

A notch above expectation. According to Microsoft, “life is too short to be chained to a desk. Which iPad you should buy: But one cannot be sure.


Gadgets by Rick Broida 9 days airpxnel. Cyber Monday edition by Scott Stein.

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The Bad Extremely pricey; limited viewable area; poor video and graphics capability. The company also admits that you can’t simultaneously access the PC from two screens, wirelwss is, the primary display and the Smart Display, but it plans to add this feature to later iterations of the CE dusplay Smart Displays OS. However, we didn’t often want to wander that far away as the VS weighs 2. As people have been making multi-user Windows installations for many years — to say nothing of the operating systems that predate Windows and don’t seem to have these problems — this may be more a political issue within Microsoft than technical ineptitude.

It could even be the thought that with the technology now just about able to do it, a wireless PC screen is a really cool idea. But you can buy a full-featured, wireless laptop for a similar price. Otherwise, we recommend smadt notebook with built-in wireless. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. A solid 2-in-1 airpanell with excellent connectivity. The stand doesn’t allow you to tilt and swivel the display, which contravenes the Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulationswhich state: Review Sections Review Specs.

Unfortunately, the nickel-sized, snowflake-shaped speaker on the Airpanel’s left side emits a dim sound. This security standard requires every device that seeks access to a network to input an encryption key for that network. To get going, you must plug in the V via its USB port to the host computer; this is then used by the host to configure the panel’s wireless networking for its own private LAN.


A 1-inch strip of silver plastic surrounds the screen’s The Airpanel V offers security features to protect your data transmissions.

ViewSonic Airpanel V150 15″ Wireless Smart Display Air Panel Tablet

It is entirely possible that future Smart Displays — brighter, lighter, with decent battery life, streamed video, better connectivity and some handheld-style functionality when away from the host PC — will be able to justify their existence better than this sorry excuse to market old technology.

When we completed our session, we simply pressed the power button in the upper-right corner; hitting the same button brings you back to the dashboard. Perhaps it was the sight of Captain James T Kirk scribbling away on his executive starship tablet. You’ll spend almost the same amount, and your files and applications can go anywhere you do.

In our tests, the setup went off largely without a hitch. Pendragon Software makes no representations or warranties as to the results of the test. We’ve changed, we promise. However, these specs won’t support viewing full-motion video. Looking for a tech bargain real soon?