For the unlucky, successful workarounds invariably required drivers and patches that were made only for Windows, starting with the famous 4in1 drivers more accurately described as a service pack. Some 3dfx Banshee cards immediately self-destruct in P4 class motherboards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Athlon 64 , Sempron. The Linux kernel’s workarounds are not as effective as the 4in1 drivers.

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The first nForce chipsets arrived in Some chip revisions were luckier than others.

Related chipsets according to Wikipedia: Searching the forums turns up lots of testimonials that a Sound Blaster worked with this or that board, but also reports of trouble with other devices, plenty of confusion about ISA bus mastering versus ISA DMA, and scary tidbits about what else can go wrong when you demand DOS compatibility out of P4-era hardware and firmware.

AnandTech wrote”From what we can gather, the VT South Bridge is actually identical to the B and is traditionally called the only when used in a ProSavage chipset. The company was founded inits president is Teddy Lu. The slower Pentium IIIs are able to survive with a large, passive heat sink and good case airflow.

ISA go Bragh™

Higher multipliers are available, but definitive compatibility information is hard to find. Whether it j1533 the root cause or merely the innocent victim of Intel-centric engineering by other manufacturers, VIA hardware of this era was often problematic for users.


More responsible manufacturers will keep a CPU compatibility list updated on their web site with clear indications of which revisions of what you need to have in order for it to work.

Most cards should trip at 2. Tabor3 Gateway OEM board: The reasons were “To improve system performance, reduce customer support costs, and ensure true ease of use in PC systems and peripherals. Wikimedia Commons has media related to ALi Corporation. Pentium 4Celeron. Some 3dfx Banshee cards immediately self-destruct in P4 class motherboards.

The Linux kernel’s workarounds are not as effective as the 4in1 drivers. It’s kind of like using a VIA chipset instead of Intel: This is a possible explanation for why some very old or quirky ISA cards just refuse to work in newer motherboards.

Fabless semiconductor companies Electronics companies of Taiwan. Therefore, both the reported maximum and the actual maximum may vary significantly, and buying the fastest Aldadin that was reported by somebody to work is always risky. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

The PCI ID Repository

Athlon 64Sempron. Nvidia says that AGP in the chipset is unusable due to severe system stability problems.


The B southbridge that was prevalent at the twilight of ISA became the most notorious of all after an epic conflict with the Sound Blaster Live!

VIA’s chipset one-upped BX on specifications, but widely reported southbridge complaints obviated that marketing advantage.

ISA chipsets for ATX motherboards

I have found only one success story on 9xx or later chipsets. The following list of relevant threads won’t be updated, so do your own m15333. The following tips may help stabilize problematic ALI systems:.

Dell’s shiny heat sink dwarfs the Pentium II cartridge. Retrieved from ” https: It is based in Taiwan, and is a subsidiary of the Acer group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It enjoyed an extended life due to market rejection of the early 8xx chipsets that followed it, and for other reasons.

ISA support was dropped by Intel in i For the character Ali, see Ali character.