Combined with extended battery life of up to 11 hours, this makes the Tecra M2 the ideal road-ready business notebook. Detailed instructions for enabling higher wireless networking speeds is available. Eee PC specific documentation. C Suspend and resume works, but bluetooth stops working after resume. Need to add x graphics mode manually to xorg. A nVidia GS, using proprietary driver.

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Go to Smolt Profile: A Intel GM.

A Nvidia Geforce Go Acer – Apple – Asus – Compaq – Dell incl. Aaus nVidia GS, using proprietary driver. ConfigFree software is pre-installed to simplify automatic connection to multiple wired and wireless network profiles for users moving between various work locations and can diagnose any connection problems. Sleep, Bluetooth, Adjust brightness work. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected.

ASUS A3N Drivers

Eee PC specific documentation. TV-out configurable with nVidia control panel. Smaller than an A4 page, the P sits less than 3. Please check forums about this model.


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Detailed instructions for enabling higher wireless networking speeds is available.

Add these repositories and add run software mangement within Yast. The A3N is distributed by Cassa.

Laptops asus Best Prices in US

Doesn’t asuss with functional keys after boot but starts working after manually adjusting with power management 10, There is a range of connectivity interfaces, including network connections, wireless capability and USB 2.

The new thin and light design features include a magnesium alloy chassis for added durability that also makes it the lightest in its class at only 2. It includes fingerprint recognition access, password protection for data and an anti-theft lock slot. View our privacy policy before signing up.

Some vendors remove the Bluetooth chip. Function keys did not work directly. Users can store up to 60GB of data on the P’s hard-disk drive.


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Same goes for dual screen ausio mode. A nVidia GeForce M. Toshiba’s bundled software suite also extended functionality and assists in the ease of deployment and support, the company said.

Using v4lcompat workaround fixes the problem on A ATI radeon Contact Toshiba for a list of distributors. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Eee PC HE home.

A Intel, works out of asux. One-click version from en. Expected correct behavior would be to scale down the screen and LCD resolution together, which should be simple enough an xorg. The product is distributed exclusively in Australia by Protac.