I now need the lan port to connect it to an external device net phone that uses Lan ports only. Here is a small tutorial on getting started installing this modem. Any service provider without decent support is not worth the headache. Hi, I have a bsnl broadband connection c. Now my listen port is blocked. Unni it seems that the DHCP server option is not enabled in your modem therefore you are not getting it right on your laptop.

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I think some adapter is required other than the configuration.

Amit, I wish mode install my Data one modem. You have not given feedback to various suggestions made. Tried with 2 different laptops — same result.

But im sure there are chances that a firmware upgrade may do the job. Hi i have been using smartax mt modem for using internet the modem consists of one usb and one ethernet.


But when I get up in the morning to check, I see that all the lights are steady and there is no donwload activity although the LAN connection mocem active. It worked completely fien for 14 months, but one day the modem started rebooting.


Sir, I have H P laptop! Any clues on this? Thanks for the cooperation.

Sterlite SAM100 ADSL Modem configuration for BSNL BB

Generally BSNL authorities offer a modem but i would recommend you guys to use a modem from Dlink because its far more better in terms of stable connection and speedy connectivity. I want to ask is the faulty modem repairable.

Well, my problem is there are times when an otherwise good working connection starts behaving badly. Presume Laptop you can access the modem settings. This modem was configured at the BSNL exchange however once I came and tried to connect — this modem also has the same problem — only the DSL and POwer lights are on and inet light is still off.

I am not able to open the setup page of this modem. Hope u got my problem. I was using it with cable so far. Does any one face a such problem?

How to connect vonage adapter and wireless router to BSNL Modem (Sterlite Smartfax MT

Why does it keep re-starting? What is the problem? All these things started when i made the request for shift of connection. I did all strelite can. I am in a LAN network.


Moeem your modem from link given below. And surprisingly when I set it to bridged I am able to open all the sites. I have bought a key to install my windows 7 from this site.

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

The phone line is busy. Sir, below are the test result by speedguide. Thanks for the nice words.

Normally it works fine. Always mention your modem model. My problem is that I cannot access internet from my Apple iphone. Thanks a lot, my dear friend.