And this one just nicely fits in the hand. Besides, the designers use hard high-quality cardboard with the words stamped out. If the last channel before you leave the ComproPVR is not 01 or 03 if it’s actually over 05 , but empty channels do not get added to the list, and we had only two in our frequency range , the ComproFM produces only noise. It’s funny that the computer turns on 5 minutes before recording starts, and if you try to shut it down you will see the following warning The stuff recorded can be then viewed in a special window that doesn’t touch the main one. The remedy is clear, right?

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The black PCB, gold-plated connectors and a colorful sticker on the tuner look attractive. When the tuner is started for the first time, it comoro to choose a country from the list though tuners usually start automatic or manual scanning.

Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus Capture Card – VideoHelp

This is a rare case when I don’t have to sum it up again, but I don’t want to break the tradition. I can take a picture of the card in my computer if you want just PM me.

Sound quality was pretty good both in the FM and in TV modes. The guys at Compro Technology didn’t have a chance to test their products in our conditions videomatee helped us to adapt their software.


It is one of the best TV cards available which is why I purchased it: However, I was told that the problem is solved in the next revisions. Stations can be edited and deleted or frequencies can be entered manually and saved.

Your browser is out of date.

I have taken 2 pictures of the box and the Cds, manuals etc. Video 3Digests Video cards: None really for selling though as this is my first time selling something.

Basically it comes with everything. Fortunately, there are Automatic logon and power off on completion of recording options. Before turning off the PC displays the warning Besides scheduling recording you can also make the tuner turn on when a certain TV program starts Reminder mode.

Videomxte many pleasantries the interface offers!

Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus II

If the system has all respective codecs all settings llus supported for the wma format as well. The tuner has RCA connectors identical to those on home equipment. Hi I will consider some Trades depending on what they are.

I was wrong saying in the EZ-TV review that there’s nothing to add to the scheduler: There is one more, last, bug. And we are not through yet. The Snapshot option doesn’t make so good impression as there’s no gallery which is usually supported in alternative programs.

Local pickup only or I can meet you within minutes of Brampton The sleep mode can also be adjusted this useful option is rarely supported in tuners. Plhs into account other connectors on the back that can take quite a lot of time. Even brand-name manufacturers sometimes simply give “objective” reasons or ignore Russian customers.


What do they mean by Other Type?

Compro VideoMate TV Gold-Plus – LinuxTVWiki

So, the Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus is a very good competitor on the market of internal tuners thanks to its technical characteristics, serviceability and a great number of unique features.

Besides scheduling recording you can also make the tuner turn on when a certain TV program starts Reminder mode. I sold one about 2 weeks ago and bought the pvr The range of operation is typical of IR devices. For operation under the DirectX 9. The last tab named System Devices allows changing audio and video devices, adjust the audio-in for recording and playing note that the tuner can be connected to the card’s AUX port. Dear Elitgroup Computer Systems, what can I do with 10 resets you offer if there are almost 20 stations waiting for my attention?

Besides, it’s possible to capture shots only at x