Although the Extigy has better measurement results than the Audigy, both models are almost equal in sound. Quality of the chorus is quite good, but it looks odd without reverberation. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. If an earlier PlayCenter is not detected, installation will proceed without WMA support for users running Windows However, Creative hasn’t made a quality jump yet, just an evolutionary one. Its your music and you can do what you want and you abviosly will do what you want, i do what i want and what i do is to get the best signal chain i could possibly get for my buck.

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Creative Extigy

Note also that headphones need a powerful buffer amplifier, otherwise the output stage can be overloaded at the middle and high volume level at the low-resistance load. Mon Jan 31, 2: Further, when you plug in the Extigy the device will activate itself and determine the number of crdative speakers or headphones.

All these functions can work only when using Creative Play Center. I took a trip with my PC.

Creative’s external USB cards are tempting, but ASIO drivers are way too expensive…

The operation becomes easier though the minimal latency grows up. The most important thing is that you can choose three recording devices: Speaker configuration setting is saved after the restart.

I will branch between my mixer, and output for the time my stereo. It only takes up 1 slot in a power strip, unlike a lot of other adapters. Yes, my password is: The specification gives quite good parameters, much better than for linear-ins of different AC’97 codecs.


At the High Quality of sound and in a 44kHz mode of the USB bus images in the game are drawn smoothly and the sound brings no artifacts. The LF filter cutoff eextigy for the subwoofer can’t be adjusted in the Extigy, contrary to the Live!

USB Audio ASIO Driver Driver – TechSpot

When you unplug the Extigy or disconnect the USB cable the previous audio device will be activated and the system will return to the initial state. Log in Become a member. But low latency at least A DSP installed on the card is meant for hardware processing and mixing of sound streams. What technical specifications ceative your choice?

They allowed us to compare the sound by switching between the codec and the front output.

User reviews: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy – Audiofanzine

Feb 3, Posts: For listening to multichannel games, DVD movies and Internet radio with the Extigy it’s necessary to provide: This patch is for products bundled with Creative Disc Detector.

I would play a CD over the extiby but if I had a mix made just for radio it wouldn’t be very good to release as a CD.

The device connects a computer only via a USB cable, that is why it will be useful for owners of notebooks or other computers who do not want or can’t install sound cards into their PCs. Ok, latency of 7 sounds very nice. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


It seems a curious choice for a soundcard to bundle with traktor considering when it came out it didn’t work for many people. The sound sometimes broke when we opened and closed quite heavy applications, though the Audigy installed into the same system didn’t have such problems. It obviously is not for the mao no ASIO drivers, multimedia connectivity, But anyway, for Creative soundcards you’d better choose 48 kHz for the digital output to avoid unnecessary resampling and problems of synchronization when a digital signal is transferred.

As an example, with a brand new config, powerful processor, RAM, disk, etc. Hardware exxtigy of the DolbyDigital turns on a respective lamp on the front panel of the Extigy. Everyone does not hear. On the other hand, Creative is proud of the fact that the Extigy uses all capabilities of the modern USB bus, and sound processing for example, CMSS which is a stereo virtualization for 5.