Cats can be found auctioned on EBay and similar sites, or at some of the lesser-trafficked Radio Shack stores for US residents, anyway. Aiming indicia for a bar code and method of use. The company’s response to these hacks was to assert that users did not own the devices and had no right to modify or reverse engineer them. It turns the CueCat into a free, general purpose bar code reader. Technology journalist Scott Rosenberg called the CueCat a ” Rube Goldberg contraption “, a “massive flop” and a “fiasco”. This is the chip marked with the red arrow above.

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Cat’s encryption right on the board!

Digital Scajner for selecting web browser and use preferences of a user during use of a web application. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You can make your cue-cat look better too.

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Castle of Good Hope. As for the other holes, none did anything very interesting–either they had no effect, or the scanner stopped working completely until the short was removed. Retrieved November 12, Once this is done, your: The intent of the manufacturer is that companies will pay to license the ability to create barcodes in the: Method using database for facilitating computer based access to a location on a network after scanning a bar code disposed on a product.

This was not a breach of the main user database itself, but a flat text file used only for reporting scannre that was generated by ColdFusion code that was saved on a publicly available portion of the Digital Convergence web server. Starting in late and continuing for over a year, advertisements, special web editions and editorial content containing CueCat barcodes appeared in many U. The New York Yankees are in talks with Amazon. They were definitely not designed to be free bar code scanners.


Currently, as of OctoberPulitzer Patents are being award at the rate of almost 1 patent every two weeks. Email required Address never made public. Archived from the original on April 25, Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. As much as they don’t want to admit it, DigitalConvergence took a “dirt nap”, and I don’t think they’ll be coming back.

It seems to be change from one scan to the next, and does not return values on every scan. This information is for the version that connects to your Keyboard. Cat’s serial number will be reported as Norwegian University of Technology and Science.

Technology News China restarts video game approvals after months-long freeze December 29, China on Saturday approved the release of 80 online video games after a freeze on such approvals for most of the year.

Securities and Exchange Commission to settle an investigation into Polycom Inc, which it acquired in July. Probably the hardest thing is finding a good piece of scannsr, one that is narrow enough to fit into these holes but wide enough not to slip out, in addition to being insulated. Also, an offer wcanner hack your ‘cat and mail it back for a reasonable fee.


Any data collected was aggregated anonymously much like other serialized and identifiable devices such as TiVo have been employing since Banco Central del Ecuador. Currently the website contains information about the device, its history and information on the company licensing the resulting intellectual property which numbers more than granted US patents.

While the board layouts may differ, the hole connected to R29 seems to always give the proper results. Method using database for facilitating computer based access to a location on a network after scanning a barcode disposed on a product.

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Early in its development, Pulitzer approached Tomo Razmilovic, the former CEO of Symbol Technologies, with his pitch for using barcode scanners for linking products in the physical world to dcanner virtual world through the Internet. See the related Slashdot discussionand the home of one of the original drivers, which includes a copy of the letter.

Continued Availability The bar code scanner itself is still being sold on secondary marketplace sites like Amazon and eBay.

You may want to check out another page, ” Getting your CueCat declawed “, especially if your board looks different from the one above.