Job Flow Procedure You need to confirm the remote mailbox number and password. Broadcast Send Transmitting to Multiple Recipients Auditron Mode Select whether to use the auditron administration feature when using the copy, fax, scan, and print services. The user account number is printed. To leave a feature unassigned, select [Not Set].

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Page 11 System Settings Auto Print Error Mail Select whether the error e-mail resulting from an incorrect address, or transmission error should be automatically printed. Grip the lever as shown in the figure to pull out the staple cartridge to the right towards you.

The time set here is printed on lists and reports. Refer to “When [Print] is Selected” P. Page Stapler Faults Remove the jammed staples 1and return the metal part pulled up in step 5 to the original position 2. Starting Centreware Internet Services The [Change Quantity] screen appears and you can change the number of copies entered before.

Trouble during Copying Trouble during Copying This section describes how to solve copy problems. If you want to use [Cover Note] and [Remote Mailbox], set them when registering each recipient in address numbers. To learn about print features, click [Help] on the print driver screen to see the print driver’s online help.


Select this item when all documents are of the same size. You can enter a password up to 20 numeric digits 0 to 9.

Page 18 Glossary Apeospor Term Description x mm paper. Substitute Tray, Paper Type Mismatch 11 System Settings Substitute Tray When there is no tray containing the paper size selected by the automatic tray selection, select whether or not to print replaced with paper loaded in another paper tray. Select the setting value.

Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort I / I FujiXerox

On the [Check Mailbox] screen, select a mailbox. Table Of Contents 1 Before Using the Machine This chapter describes how to use this guide, as well as cautions on using the product safely and legally.

Select [On] and then select [Save]. Specifications Hole punching Paper size: Cause The document is glossy printing paper.

The default value is 0 mm. Note that recipients to be added to a group must already be stored in the address book.

Delete All Data This feature is used to prevent leakage of customer’s confidential information, when the machine is replaced. A setting must be made in the System Xxerox mode to display this feature on the [Setup Menu] screen. Stapler Faults Stapler Faults The following describes how to solve stapler problems that may occur when the finisher optional is installed.


Select [Remote Mailbox] on the [Send Options] screen. Form Line 5 – Default: Paper Tray Priority Bids on assets in this sale should be made based on your inspection and assessment of the goods.

Follow the instructions displayed to remove the jammed paper.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I User Manual

Features Overview 9 Computer Operations Features Overview This section describes the overview of features that can be operated on a computer. Gently remove the paper taking care not to tear it. Return all used toner cartridges to our Customer Support Center. Originals Head to Head Select this item when the first and second sides of the document are of the same orientation.

This setting automatically identifies text and photo areas to scan each area with optimum tuji. Therefore, they are erased when the machine is switched off.