It doesn’t exactly swim in added bells and whistles, but this controller’s simplicity is what makes it good-and the free Logitech Profiler software makes it even better. See all 44 brand new listings. I bought this product because I’ve had mixed results using my DS3 pads for my computer. Standard Android TV controls – provided through the Logitech Logo button on the gamepad together with the Back key on the controller – allow you to navigate your Android TV seamlessly. Show More Show Less. The cord on this is longer than the standard PS3 cord, so don’t worry about pulling on the wire or repositioning your couch. Would be perfect except for one big problem I have the Logitech precision game pad as well and really liked it, so I decided to get the dual action because it’s basically the same design but with dual analog and the analog sticks also count as two extra buttons, just like the playstation controllers.

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What it lacks in extra hardware features is more than made up for with the Logitech Profiler software utility. Easy to set up and use. The device can gamepa be connected to many smart TV units equipped with Android.

Any Condition Any Condition. We are Logitech G. Bring your entire library of Steam games to the living room, grab your F, sit back, and enjoy. All in all, this is a nice controller, but not one to be proud of.


F Gamepad – Logitech

F Gamepad Designed for the PC gamer looking for an advanced console-style controller. Logitech F, cheap and useful. Logitech F Gamepad product ratings 4. Read full review Verified purchase: The F is not best controller out there, but it’s a good one with it’s quirks. Change the standard commands or adapt F for play with an unsupported title, using Logitech profiler software. Within these Microsoft systems, XInput and DirectInput drivers allow for clear communication between the computer and the Gamepad.

Standard D-pads rest on a single pivot point, resulting in gameoad control.

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All you have to do is map what keys do what and you’re set. Show More Show Less. The grip is big and ergonomic, feels like the best of the PS3 and Xbox controllers. Really solid pad alternative.

Logitech F Gamepad. This controller has been a joy.

Logitech F310 (940-000110) Gamepad

It is similar in design to the DS3, which is a huge plus, and in xinput mode switch in the X position on the back of the controller it behaves just like a XBox controller which is great for compatibility with current games. Works great, drivers were installed automatically by Windows 7, in my case so install was a snap.


It’s a durable pad; I bought this to replace my last F, age 8. I basically have to reach for them. Either way, xpadder, of course, still works with the Logitech F In addition, entertainment platforms like Steam also feature support for the gaming accessories. Play on your TV. With an ergonomic frame and an intuitive button design, the Gamepad brings the convenience of a console to the PC. For those considering a Log itech controller, I would stick to the old precision gamepad for games that don’t need analog controls and use the F for modern games.

Lacks a rumble feature, but the feature-rich albeit slightly clunky Logitech Profiler utility gives this controller great accessibility, functionality and enables the creation and usage of macro multiple-button-press commands.

I bought this product because I’ve had mixed results using my DS3 pads for my computer. Pair the F with Big Picture and navigate Steam, surf the web, play games and more from the comfort of your couch.