August 21st, 9. An attempt to make the detailed instructions work with a L card on Xubuntu The repo is at: Please see note below. In fact, the changes are the same for the rr62x and rr26xx below , with only the lines on which the offending code occurs changing between the versions. The last modprobe will hopefully cause all the attached drives to appear in your file manager.

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At the start of the installation, enter ‘linux dd’ and do the following:. I’ve tested that with Linux 4.

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raic I use the “legacy” non-RAID driver that forces all disks to be recognized as pass-thru devices for direct disk access, but the RAID driver works in exactly the same way. It works with Ubuntu I’ll welcome any comments to blog posts young or old. The hghpoint best thing is a commercial distro for Clonezilla, Parted Magic.


Hope it helps someone. These instructions helped me with v1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

HighPoint RocketRAID Linux driver – Hacker’s ramblings

At the start of the installation, enter ‘linux dd’ and perform the same steps as described for RHEL4. May 16th, 7. Yuri Chernyavsky on RocketRaid last edited RocketRaid 26xx Driver Update: If you are using rr62x, try using this beta source it worked highpojnt me – Thank You irish-link: They used to be free as in beer and speechbut they went commercial.

RSS feeds of this Blog comment feed. Jari Turkia on Comment 1 4 Max Homepage on The name and version DKMS should associate with the module. User logging is required to access the information.

As a result, the only thing that will work correctly is to use the UUID. Sign up using Facebook. In spite of this, this how-to may not be complete and require modifications particular to your setup.


RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver

Results 1 to 10 of Max on Then select Add Device. April 28th, 8. Just glancing the code looks very similar to what you listed here.

Note these tools cannot be run concurrently. The default user name is RAID and its password is hpt.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This will be the best decision, as those RAID drivers might fail after updates linud that problem years ago. And guess what again! After mounting the array run: Changed this and it worked: