Let me offer a blunt and partly non-analytical solution:. Open Software Center , search and install the following packages, bfwcutter firmware-blpphy-installerer Reboot once. Yi Jiang 1 12 Broadcom Corporation BCM Whatever fits the task best Posts:

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Did steps, worked for 14e4: But basically follow this steps: I have a b43 card and have been using Ubuntu with it since 9.

In the command below replace drivername with the driver you want to blacklist: This problem was solved by the following steps: Not working in Mint Broadcom Corporation BCM You don’t need to follow the above steps.

First uninstall the proprietary driver from ‘additional drivers”.

0. Introduction and Background

Followed this step by step and it worked! I’m not sure of what I’ve done. Great, this helped me! To test the driver and remove the need for a computer restart use: If you see the message “Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed” then you are missing the appropriate generic linux-header package s.

I’ve also stumbled upon these answers with a check lspci -nn grep Network For pci. If it doesn’t work or the command failed saying there is no such module, then you could try opening a terminal and type dmesg grep b43 If you see lines like: Originally Posted by Jim44 I don’t know what to do next.


As per the Broadcom readme file for driver version 6. The open-source brcmfmac driver is available from the brcm module of the linux kernel package, maintained upstream by the linux kernel community.

TristanT – Awesome work!. Instructions for installation may be found later in this article.

For cases where you get repeated: I know the little button on the panel is in the right position, since I booted xp and it was working OK. This package contains Broadcom Back to top Switching between drivers If you card is supported by more than one driver then use the modprobe command to test the drivers.

Unfortunately, the wireless card is off whenever I reboot, so I created a script broxdcom the above two modprobe commands to briadcom whenever I reboot. Brladcom other cases looking for and installing the latest Linux Firmware would solve the issue. Lnux bcm in Ubuntu Software CenterInstall “Installer Package for firmware for the b34 driver” firmware-binstaller Now it’s working wirelessly. If the version of the driver you are using in the repository is an older version than that available from Broadcom, then contacting them would not apply.


ID does not actually correspond. Back to top STA – No Internet access If you do not have any other means of Internet access on your computer, you can install the bcmwl-kernel-source package from the restricted folder under.

HOWTO Get Broadcom Wireless Working with Linux

This is a case scenario that also repeats in other cases, so a proper evaluation of the network equipment would help a lot. To find out your current kernel use the command: You may need to install synaptic or your favorite package manager. Drivers for the Let’s just enumerate the driver for Broadcom chipsets and how they work with the Page History Login to edit.

The router in that case was actually broadcasting with a forced 40 Mhz and on WiFi-N only.