For example, kde-window-manager will not be able to work with new libraries. Hi all, I’m not an ubuntu user Debian actually , however a google search for this issue has led me here. Now I will bring the contents, which, in addition to what already exists, should be in this file. Reported from Gutsy and Hardy, with and without Compiz. Freeze occurs in Google Earth also. I’m not an ubuntu user Debian actually , however a google search for this issue has led me here. I want to use Linux more, but like I said video drivers appear to be my biggest concern.

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I guess it is then a kernel issue only.

And in order to be safe. Install mesa-utils, that might work. Kernel team bugs We execute the glxgears command in the terminal and see fps.

Usually it is used only to make sure that OpenGl is working. The fix is to For example, kde-window-manager will not corporstion able to work with new libraries.

Graphics Drivers for Linux*

This worked for me on Ubuntu The DRI settings in the. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.


It makes no difference. For AMD and Nvidia, you need to add sections. Second I skip the xrandr call which leads to a wrong aspect ratio on the second screen connected to TMDS-1 since it is a wide screen First all seems to do well but after a couple of IcemCFD-operations mouse and keyboard input don’t work, the screen is messed up and you need a hard reboot.

Crash while running 3D graphics applications eg. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

Install The Latest Intel Graphics Driver in Ubuntu – Tips on Ubuntu

GPL and additional rights description: But the general principles and approaches to optimization are the same. Hrm, Stefan mentioned he committed this patch but I can’t seem to find the commit in the hardy git tree. Let me know if there are any problems with it. In this section you specify the parameters of the video card.

In order to reproduce the error more easily and without the need for an IcemCFD-Licence I tested gmsh which didn’t seem to have problems.

Make sure that no other fglrx drivers are installed. I have edited the description to make the difference clearer. A complete list of DRI driver configuration options can be obtained by running the command: Can someone help me out and explain or point me in the right direction on how to check video drivers and see if my ubhntu card running okay?


Graphics Drivers for Linux*

Make sure that no other drivers are installed nvidia-common package. If it does, then flashes between off and black with a “busy” mouse pointer several times, that’s probably bug Registered User 5, 11 41 I am experiencing this bug on Hardy and I don’t understand the bug status, the top status list shows Fix Released for Corporafion however the bug is not fixed on Hardy.

This means that i driver is loaded and running. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote ubutu Direct Rendering Infrastructure DRI is an interface and implementation in the form of free software, used in the X Window System, which allows user applications to access the video equipment safely without the need to use X server slowing this process.

Would someone care to explain how to get the fix?