If you look at the second outdoor shot you can see a building on the left hand side of the photo that slopes down at an angle. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. When using the V, you also have the option to make simple cuts to video, but only at the beginning or end of the file. When you select the most appropriate scene mode for the photo you are about to take the camera will use what it believes to be the best settings for the shot. One other point is that the V also does 30fps, x or x if required video, saving the files as QuickTime MOVs.

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As kodam most other EasyShare cameras, you can also recharge the battery kldak placing the camera on a docking station. That said, it’s easy to hold and the menus are fairly simple to use so the camera can be picked up and used almost straight from scratch. Once I realized this, I became quite fond of it. The buttons and controls, like the rest of the camera, have a solid feeling and are big enough to ensure that use of the controls is effortless.

Switching to the zoom lens and turning the flash off, a single shot took 0. And despite not having the more advanced photography modes, it does feature exposure compensation and scene modes that work well. Thanks to the integration of the optical zoom lenses, jodak camera can start up quickly.


To get into scene-specific action, press the top mounted button and activate scene control. The ultra-wide angle lens is impressive and a great feature to have in a camera of this size. It is noticeable though that there is a sudden drop in sharpness as you get close to the edge of each photo. Cameras Tested Reviews Gear.

Skip to main content. Almost half of the underneath consists of a long battery lid that has to be slid to one side to place or remove a battery in the compartment. The Kodak Easyshare V is a good camera for a snapshot type photographer who would like or need a wide angle lens real kodam agents, panorama afcionados. Maybe Kodak will be able to give the next generation a 2.

The resolution is fine with Based on my views of the outdoor photos this is not surprising. Overall, for the price and feature set, the EasyShare V is a well-mannered camera that has some useful and interesting features.

Kodak EasyShare V Digital Photography Review

The b705 lenses combined give a total of 5x zoom. On top of that the menu buttons on the left side of the back are very thin and set close together.

The most noticeable point about all the photos is the strength of the blues in the photos.

The dual-lens system consists of two Schneider Kreuznach V-Variogon lenses. The end result would be a smooth zoom range with all focal lengths between 23mm and mm completely covered in very high quality glass. It does have a lot of other plus points, but if you are looking for true clarity in your photos there are better pocket cameras around.


For lining up a shot and accessing the menu system there is a 2. My only complaint with the image quality was the softness that occurred, especially at longer telephoto ranges.

You must be a member to leave a comment. Also, if you do take a shot that is under-exposed, try the in-camera Perfect Touch technology.

Kodak Easyshare V705 Digital Camera Review

Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. You will have to use your fingernails to pry it loose. Auto focus times were quick kodk well when focus was achieved. Using the ultra-wide lens, it takes 0.

Camera Review: Kodak EasyShare V | Popular Photography

However, what are still active are the LCD display options. Although I cannot guarantee that the Easyshare V will always be free of red eye the design of the camera does place the flash unit further away from the lens than most other cameras do. The detail level is good, though patches of continuous colour are broken and patchy.