Zitat von uazzamerican im Beitrag 6 Your answer is valid for xp64 also? It is the better compression, which let me use the tool 7-Zip in the past, but I have already started to replace it by the more common tool WinRAR. If yes, this was a big mistake. A floppy drive is needed, but not available at many actual desktop computers and notebooks. So what to do next? Once the OS is up, they can be reinserted.

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Floppy disks are the worst data storage media regarding the file integrity.

You get an error message like “Cannot find file NVxxx. All actual versions of nLite Since v1. As soon as I have the needed time, I will replace step by step the. You should create shortcuts to the.

Sun Feb 19, 8: Either they do not work at all example: XP 32bit x86 only: I searched for a solution and I found your words on another forum: This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. Once the OS is up, they should run the installer of the suitable nForce chipset driver package. Define the content of the pm-notification here.

nForce Driver

Don’t enable any other tasks, unless you are already familiar with nLite and nearly sure, that the nLite CD will work with your system the more you are adding, tweaking or removing, the more difficult is the search for the mfp79, if the OS installion should fail. First, Chipeet want to thank you for taking the time to write down this guide.


The best suitable driverpack is that one, which contains the same version of nForce IDE drivers as the integrated ones v6. The better alternative is the integration of the needed textmode drivers into a bootable OS CD.

Comparison of Nvidia nForce chipsets – Wikipedia

One can easily say that it is all related to the USB stick Installation method, but I am not convinced and before trying wasting time and a dvd, I am here asking your opinion. Spam Netiquette Form other This mcp799 contains unwanted Spam. All you need is to integrate its unzipped content.

Regards Dieter alias Fernando. Make sure that your BIOS settings are ok. So what to do next? Otherwise you may get problems during the installation of the nLited CD.

For the later integration I recommend to prepare the following actual and approved nForce textmode drivers, which are optimized for being used with nForce RAID systems: As you certainly understand, I cannot overtake any warranty for the function and the quality of the drivers. It is because the txt drivers are replaced by my modified Release of Windows xp Chhipset settings Print view.


This guide contains a lot of links to drivers, which have been modified by me to make them usable for nForce chipset users. Here is the way how to do it: Hi Fernando, I am continuing to struggle against Win xp64 and my legacy nforce4 System. Regards Dieter alias Fernando My current System: Right click onto these Controllers and do a driver software “update” until you see the compatible devices. Following your Guide described here I intergrated the 6.

nVidia MCP79 Chipset Driver Package

EXE of the associated nForce chipset driver package, but by doing this all nForce IDE drivers of the package will be installed too and maybe replace the better and currently working ones. Zitat I suspect that this is the problem, they overwrite my textmode drivers inserted with nLite. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Make sure, that your source XP x64 CD is an untouched original one.