Gem will also support advanced materials shaders applied to objects in-game , providing current generation rendering effects. Reply 5 – Xonitex , Dec 4, I just looked at it and cracked up.. I still have two old boxes piled somewhere with alot of this old hardware–i bet they still power up too! Reply 6 – From what I remember reading, you haven’t got the slightest chance of getting Morrowind to work with a Voodoo.

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I really need to buckle down and learn programming so I can help with stuff like this. Still have my a and V2 set up NitroX infinity, gdonovan, FalconFly.

Or would the bios of the motherboard be the stumbling block? CamaroRacingMar 17, Voodpo game will be an open-ended single player game that allows you to play as any kind of character that you could want to. Mar 16, Still have the Voodoo5, not sure where the other two went.

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind “Officially” Announced

Damn Bethesda, the ‘no 3dfx support’gits. Return to III – Morrowind.

I don’t claim to be a computer expert, but I did quite a lot of informal research about this time last year, when I was looking to buy the sleek little baby I’m now sitting in front of. For efficiencies sake I hope this comes to completion, my computer will probably run this rather well.


Now I have to go find them Reply 4 – Reply 1 – Reply 6 – Unfortunately, judging by the look at korrowind finances, this is not going to happen before the next year if it does happen. Graphics card aside, it looks to me like your PC just barely scrapes through with the minimum requirements.

Voodoo 3 Nostalgia – PICTURES!

I was only able to keep that card a week or two, and when I had to give it back I didn’t like Quake 2 so much anymore. Looks like I will set em up and take some pics. Best of luck with this And because we were allowed to make suggestions I thought I head God’s voice in my head saying “Welcome my child. P ati mach64 pci 4mb i think for 2d voodoo 2 12?

I lent Morrowind from my friend yesterday mortowind impatiently installed it on my super cutting-edge Pentium II MHz I even met the minimum requirements, wow!

I really believed in 3Dfx. Boy, did we settle for half-assed solutions back in the day. I knew you were working on something for NWN 1 but I wasn’t expecting you’d head toward something like this.


Elder Scrolls: Morrowind “Officially” Announced – IGN

Do you already have an account? SafoomaMar 16, Amongst countless other applications, of course. Nope still didn’t work.

This part very much makes me want to learn how to write shaders I don’t remember what happened to that card, I think I sold it to someone I used to work with. Does it support, or will it support the features like animated grass? The problem is, I think, that I can’t choose a resolution in the settings dialog because there are no resolutions available to choose from. Why is moorrowind and is there any way around it?