What is the point of allowing the stop recording option if it is going to kill the process on its own anyways? This is all courtesy of the original AVS forum thread you can find here: Meeting Room AV Solutions: The source is available on his home page and although I do not know anything about programing I poke around and it appears it is looking for a Panasonic tuner instead of motorola, Apparantly in the older drivers that is what it was called. Run the CapDVHS program that you downloaded in Step 1 above, and select the “Setting” tab to configure the location of saved video files.

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Classroom Audio-Visual Control Panel | OCIO

We have frequently been pnael for the user guides for your Motorola digital cable box so we have compiled a list below, to save you time on your next Motorola PVR buy.

AV Control Panels do away with these problems by integrating all of the systems into one foolproof control panel for simple, intuitive operation.

I stayed up late last night playing with it again. If I restart, refresh select the Motorola I then don’t see any video. After much testing I was able to get channel.

I’m new to this all. I was able to open a dosbox and type channel 2 10 to change to channel This is not very common but happens occasionally. Does anyone know if you make an additional filter to get the file from.


I think it’s just the name that threw me and others off, since it sounds like it the name of a command to stop the process, mltorola post-process the file. This will prevent you from having to cancel prompts for installing new devices in the future when you connect the firewire cable. If you come up with code changes to support digital cable boxes and they can be applied without breaking any of the existing functionality, let me know, and we can combine our efforts into a single release.

All I get is the VLC panel, no video. I have packaged up everything into 1 zip file which you can obtain here: The sound is probably AC3. I’ll let you know if it works, it seems to manually. I tryed capdvhs, captured perhaps 30 seconds. Its not something I’ve ever looked into. I do see a time in the lower left corner, 3: I doubt that using “kill” would make any difference.

For the remaining “Unknown Device” in the Device Manager, you can just right-click and select “Disable” as we won’t need this one. Sometimes it takes times for the handshaking to go through properly and for CapDVHS to start without error. I am planning on testing with the graphedit player posted to see if it has faster response time and clears the problem up.


My box is a Motorola ?? I’ve got a lot of reading to do Close the Device Manager and now the driver installation is complete.

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I had to use the right-side port on the DVR since the port on the left side didn’t work. Vlc seems to just hang requiring a reboot. All sources can be accessed and variables such as ab/c can be adjusted at one point rather than trying to configure each device separately.

To check for 5C protection on channels that you are interested in capturing from or have recorded fromdo the following: If you want to produce a DVD with menus, etc.

AV Control Panel | AV Control Systems Ireland from Meritec

Under Manufacturer choose Motorola. I do use the firewire ports to change channels and I started playing yesterday with the external recording plugin http: For the close you don’t need a command file you can refer to VLC directly with the args posted.

To check or set automatic letterboxing do as follows: