Lordmoggy posted on September 28, Hi Kirsle, Thanks for your reply. It looks like you’re new here. Yee posted on September 17, You can start up Windows and use File Manager to see all the drive letters for sure. Adrover posted on September 3, This behavior can occur if any of the following conditions exist:

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MS-DOS & Software

Hey, I don’t see the windows 3. I am getting “This is not a bootable disk. Many, if no most of them do. Mike posted on February 11, It shows error “Application Execution Error” with message “One of the library files needed to run this application is damaged.

Dean posted on February 26, Retail versions of such don’t exist. Lee posted on July 27, What are the specs on the Windows 7 machine? Did not know the “ver” command would work on a PC as old as cs.

I can read the CD just fine in the Win file manager, as I managed to successfully install the game.


WinWorld: MS-DOS

That is a very handy tool. Kirsle Hey, I did not know you could tell me a program to format floppys.

Noah kirsle posted on October 18, I hope you will be able to enlighten me on this. Another question I have is this.

MS-DOS 6.22 CD install?

That’s like asking why anyone would ever want to own a NES anymore because the newer systems are so much ‘better’ We will have to see. Do you know any workaround for sharing files beterrn host and guest in this case?

Or better yet, just attach a USB 1. Coltan posted on April 24, It also gives you those funny errors like this:. Gilberto posted on February 20, I would probably be attempting it on a windows host, unless I get a spare computer besides my business systems.

If you happen to be able to see these fields, do not change their values. The information mentioned in item 1 is shown here: If you’re on Windows, WinImage is the software that comes up when I google this.


MS-DOS CD install? — WinWorld

Downloaded your Tarball file and Winzip 20 trial but just don’t have a clue HOW to put those files to floppy disk. When you get a “Can’t read file” error, you’ll usually swap in the next numbered disk and hit enter.

I think ie 3 might be the last for 16 bit win, I would try one of the old browsers of the time, like old netscape.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Kirsle — this is awesome.

Anonymous posted on August 5, I am 60 years old. For the people above that want win 3.

Of course, there were many 16 bit programs that would not run on a 32 bit windows, but you won’t need a virtual box all the time for many apps.