Hopefully retail boards will overclock better then this beta one. Can you or can’t you connect to a bluetooth device straight from the box? JOEY, You need that one cable. But then I have to buy this card. The socket is 51mm across, and 62mm from top to bottom.

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But what does that mean? JOEY, You need that one cable.

The following error or errors occurred while this message: I thought bt was wireless! Our biggest qualm with the KT4 Ultra is the absence nsi the four heatsink mounting holes. I did not I repeat NOT get the riser card or the dongle with my motherboard.

It’s nice to see that MSI continually upgrade their boards to the latest technological goodness. I haven’t bought one yet. KT4 Ultra and Bluetooth? I ordered the KT4-Ultra-BSR which supposedly has bluetooth functionality out of the box, but I can’t seem to connect the module into the mobo!!!

MSI KT4 Ultra-BSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

No I don’t think so! I suppose even D-LED counts towards the score card. As you will see, Serial ATA cables are really tiny and operate on a point-to-point topology the drives are not yet available so we can’t offer any benchmarks at this time unfortunately.


KT4 boards that are not Bluetooth ready do not have the header pins on the board.

Home Help Search Login Register. There is only the connector. What I meant with my reply was that there is a posbility to upgrade this motherboard withe the riser card via an cable to bluetooth.

MSI KT4 Ultra User Manual: Bluetooth Connector: Jbt2 (optional)

This is the module I got: That means, If you have MS or MS bundled with the motherboard, plug it in, install the respective drivers, then you can have your PC to connect to any Bluetooth device s in the neighbourhood, provided there is any Bluetooth device s around. From our standpoint, we have been seeing the adoption of new devices and on board features from the days of the original KT chipset.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. I can later upgrade though to bluetooth. Not too shabby, but not the best overclock either. What’s the connector for? Please login or register. Everything but the kitchen sink is here, and three expansion brackets round out the list of included gear.


It is also bluetooth ready. Fine, pins and bracket included. Now, as far as I can see, nowhere is it explained how I connect the mobo to a bt device after I have attached the usb2.

Here are somethings that really provide Bluetooth function: Now even with on board IEEE and bluetooth support, it is really those two small Serial ATA connectors which manage to draw our undivided attention. Other then that, if one uses a large clip on heatsink, there is nothing to block your way. But then I have to buy this card. Ships with the following: That’s NOT a Bluetooth transceiver. This prob has cause me massive confusion!!!